The Ant And The Dove | Moral Story

The Ant And The Dove | Moral Story

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The Insect And The Pigeon 

One hot day an insect was scanning for some water. In the wake of strolling around for some time,she went to a spring. To achieve the spring, she had move up a piece of sod. While advancing up she slipped and fell into the water. 

She could have suffocated if a bird up an adjacent tree had not seen her seeing that the subterranean insect was in truble, the pigeon immediately culled a leaf and dropped it into the water close to the battling insect. 

The insect pushed toward the leaf and moved up onto it. Before long the leaf floated to dry ground and bounced out she was spared finally. 

Exactly around then a tracker close-by was about toss his net over the bird planning to trap it. 

Thinks abouts what he was goings to do the insect rapidly bit him on the heel feeling the agony, the tracker dropped his net. the bird was rapidly to take off to saftey 

Moral: One great turn conceives anothers

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