The Thirsty Crow Story

The Thirsty Crow Story

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The Parched Crow 

One hot day, a parched crow flew everywhere throughout the fields searching for water. For quite a while, she couldn't discover any. She felt extremely powerless, practically surrendering expectation. 

Abruptly, she saw a water container beneath her. She flew straight down to check whether there was any water inside. Indeed, she could see some water inside the container! 

The crow attempted to push her head into the container. Unfortunately, she found that the neck of the container was excessively limited. At that point she attempted to drive the container down for the water to stream out. She found that the container was excessively overwhelming. 

The crow considered every option for some time. At that point checking out her, she saw a few rocks. She abruptly had a smart thought. She began grabbing the rocks individually, dropping each into the container. As an ever increasing number of stones filled the container, the water level continued rising. Before long it was sufficiently high for the crow to drink. Her arrangement had worked! 

In the event that you make enough of an effort, you may before long discover a solution to your concern.

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