Brilliant and Comprehensive Speech of Tayyab Erdogan In Pakistan

Brilliant and Comprehensive Speech of Tayyab Erdogan In Pakistan


President of Turkey Tayyab erodagon Spoke very well in Pakistan And the same thing happened as if Saudi Arabia had put pressure on Pakistan and tayyab erodagon not to talk against Saudi Arabia President of Turkey did not speak against Saudi Arabia But he definitely talked in favor of Kashmir The President of Turkey said that the more pain Pakistan has on Kashmir, the more we are angry about our Kashmiri brothers. 

Pakistan has said that if someone attacked the land through Turkey, it would be deemed that someone had committed Pakistan and the Pakistani army would go to Turkey and protect them. And it's a big deal And the President of Turkey openly told the Pakistani Parliament that Kashmir will be free if anyone feels bad and he also talked a lot on the Deal of the Century. 

Now Pakistan is going to have a Deal from Turkey. If a country invades Turkey, it will protect Turkey from here by reaching from Pakistan because Israel is now seeing the dream of Greater Israel. And this will be the dream There is also another thing. 

The President of Turkey already does not like Saudi Arabia, just like Iran does not like, He does not like Turkey because earlier when his "sultanate" conspired to separate Saudi Arabia from "Sultanate Osmania". 

If these two countries meet then no world power can separate them. Right now there is a big force that does not want Pakistan and Turkey to be one. You can understand who i am talking to 

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