India May Cut Imports From Turkey in Coming Months

India May Cut Imports From Turkey in Coming Months

See, the president of Turkey has had such an impact that it is going from Israel to India. And now India is going to do that the one who imports 4 to 5 billion from Turkey, India is going to finish.In the coming days, if India declares that it will cancel its imports from Turkey, what will happen then? 

Then it will be better and the ties of Tayyab Erdogan will be better than Pakistan. And we have completed the loss of Malaysia like by buying palm oil, we will complete the loss of Turkey as well.You will have to do this to Imran Khan that the things which are being made in India and that will be imported to Turkey will be made in Pakistan and you will ask Turkey to cancel your deal with India. 

And we will give things to Turkey in good rates. As the President of Turkey talked about Kashmir, And India felt that if we jumped into this war, we would not be able to occupy Kashmir. 

India America Israel are all afraid of Turkey And a deal was also signed between Pakistan and Turkey It was told in the deal that if someone attacks Turkey, then Pakistani army will go there, but if someone attacks Pakistan, Turkish army will come to Pakistan. 

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